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I've been experimenting lately with selling off some of our stuff, which is working out pretty well. I'm using kijiji.ca to do it, and so far I've sold our bar stools, a rack, our kushies cloth diapers (we've decided to use a different system since these stopped fitting Erik, and never really fit him well in the first place), and one of our rat cages. I had a few bites but no purchase for a bike rackpack and the large cage... At least it's helping to mitigate the costs from Erik. We recently had to purchase more cloth diapers and a new diaper bag to fit the cloth stuff plus his new solids feeding accessories. The small bag we had was fine for before, but since he's getting so big so fast, everything else gets bigger with him.

We might need another play yard (aka play pen, but that term now seems politically incorrect) since Erik is now pulling himself up to stand but can't balance. I can't leave him in his crib while awake anymore otherwise he ends up with a bashed-up sore head, but at least the play yard's sides are soft. Of course, I only have one upstairs at the moment and trust me, I'm not lugging something big like that for him to sit in so I can leave the room for a few minutes. Who knows, maybe I can find a cheap one used. He's clutching the sides of furniture and edging around them, and trying to stand up at every opportunity. Crazy! He's also insisting on "feeding" himself now that we've started rice cereal in the last few days. He wants to hold the spoon, otherwise he gets a little upset.

Anyhow, need to go to do some more laundry. What a rainy day today... I love it!

Just like a pain in the...


My neck has been super sore the last couple of days without any one single thing to set it off. Sucks, but it's getting better. I just can't really take anything stronger than Tylenol at the moment, though I suppose I could now go out and buy some Aleeve if I were so inclined. Anyhow, it's making taking care of Erik somewhat difficult as he's pretty active.

Today he pulled himself up onto the bars of his crib high enough to start gumming the bar, so I guess that'll get adjusted to a lower level tonight... He's officially giving "kisses" which is more like opening his mouth wide and purposefully suctioning onto someone's cheek or mouth region. While he has tried to gnaw on faces before, now he's actually doing it in response to getting kisses or having his cheeks blown on/nibbled/etc. While it is cute, it is wet. Very, very wet. He will present his fingers one by one (by moving his hand, not by actually curling or uncurling his fingers) for kisses and smiles hugely with each one. He's also putting his hands up for pat-a-cake and moving them forward to hit my hands occasionally, though still won't hold his hands open to clap.

We went to a wedding Saturday night, which prompted me to get a haircut and purchase a new shirt & scarf/wrap since most of my wardrobe isn't all that flattering with my current new mom figure (though it's kind of too bad, since I now actually fill out the bust on my shirts properly, haha). It was fun, and Erik was pretty amazing, but of course he's still cranky from being out so late, not feeding due to distraction, etc. Though he won fan favourite in the dance-off... it was pretty amusing.

We're also making some small changes to the bathroom---adding a shelving unit/handtowel rack above the toilet, putting up a useful towel rack, and possibly putting up the mirror I bought a few years ago. We picked up a new light fixture as well, which will be using halogen bulbs, but we're also installing a dimmer switch so we don't use as much energy.

I also finally got on the HSC waiting list for daycare, which is a step in the right direction even if they usually have a year's wait. Maybe we'll get lucky, who knows? I'm hopeful we'll find something suitable and not just have to go to the first option available.

Must get things done...

Make your mind up, brain...

I say this because we've been so busy as of late that last week's break from going out was a massive anomaly (and even then we were out at least a couple nights of the week). While busy is nice for me in terms of out-of-the-house interactions, it's hard on Erik who doesn't really feed or sleep with distractions around, and who likes a pattern to his days at least if not a routine per se. So in many ways I'm a little torn on going out/staying in. Not having a car makes it so much easier to stay in also.

In any case, I've been doing the 30-day challenge on EA Active (wii)... While I'm overall pretty pleased with it, I have to say that I'm disappointed that there aren't more core exercises and that the lower body routines are so heavily reliant on lunges. Lunges really pain me what with that knee thing I'm still dealing with, but so far it hasn't been terrible, and if I feel achy I just have to stop going as deep into them. But the program actually makes me sweat, which is more than I can say for wii Fit (which at least does some core exercises and flexibility). The routines themselves are nice and short, between 20-30 mins on average, so I can do them while Erik is in his jolly jumper for a bit. I suspect I'll have to move up to a stronger resistance band shortly as the one that comes with the game is pretty wussy, though it's been ok in terms of easing in my smaller upper body muscles--granted, it's almost completely useless for lats. I just wish there was a little more variety... But then I am a bit of a variety nut in some ways.

I haven't been losing mounds of weight, but I'm down to the high 140s. It's still going up and down a bit what with the breastfeeding, and I'm not really restricting my diet either because I need the extra calories for feeding. So that leaves about 15 pounds left to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. However, given the exercise restrictions I had during the pregnancy, I suspect I will still need to build up a fair amount of muscle I've lost. I'm not really certain how that will change things, but I really hope I can get back into my old clothes. I don't really think I can afford a whole new wardrobe!

Erik is on the cusp of crawling now, though he's pretty speedy at just pulling himself around on his tummy. He's definitely sitting up, and even doing a partial lounge much of the time. He also has this really crazy cute old-man face where it looks like he has no teeth (not that he does I guess, it just looks like he's you know... old and toothless instead of young and toothless). Tomorrow he gets the third round of immunizations, and it won't be long before we can start him on solid foods; a matter of weeks, really. I'm getting antsy about daycares, seeing as many won't even return my calls regarding waiting lists. Any suggestions would be lovely from those in the know...

But it's getting late and I should go deal with laundry while I still can...


Happy Canada Day!

Seems like forever when last I wrote anything on here.

Erik is happily growing in leaps and bounds. He's practically in the 12 month sizes and he's barely 5 months old. He's creeping along and working his way up to crawling, or possibly standing (he will do this hilarious baby version of downward dog and then promptly faceplant), and laughing along with other people. Feeding him is much easier, though he's still waking about the same amount through the night for feedings (about every 2-4 hours, with the occasional 6 hour stretch), but will promptly go back to bed after a munch and a change. He loves playing peekaboo and having any song sung to him (The More We Get Together and Head & Shoulders are particular favs, but he seems to like Joan Osborne and Peter Gabriel quite a bit, not to mention playing Rockband with us). And he is becoming a bouncer now that we've reintroduced the Jolly Jumper after a bit of an absence.

I've been going garage-saling, hanging out at various libraries, and watching TV (we gave in and got MTS TV in lieu of the Movie Village all-you-can-rent subscription). While I'm itching to start writing again, I just haven't found a great way to fit it in yet. The guys are sleeping, and that's the only way I had a chance to write this! Laundry is calling... but we're all just chilling today and trying to avoid the craziness of Canada Day while enjoying the chance to relax a bit.


Infected sutures suck lots. At least I can take comfort in the fact that a) I caught the infection early on and got appropriate help and b) it's the internal ones that are infected which means it's not my fault hygiene-wise. Still sucks, and the pain makes sitting and breastfeeding more painful than it already is :P

Anyhow, if anyone is still  concerned I just wanted to clarify that I don't think I'm doing a horrible job at being a mom (especially a new one), but that I think I'm doing ok and not great. I just really don't think I deserve that much praise, but please don't worry that I'm depessed, etc. etc. and think that I suck. I appreciate the support; I just don't happen to agree given that infant mortality rates are just not that high. Therefore survival of my particular baby isn't that great an accomplishment (though it is awesome in its own right) :)

Anyhow, off to the world of high stakes diaper changes and risky feedings.


ramblings from the home front

Erik is pretty awesome. Not getting much sleep and wondering when feeding my child will be less frustrating isn't so awesome, but I can live with them.

I don't think I've even left the house since we got back from the hospital, and today is Erik's first doctor's appointment. I didn't really bother to set up a diaper bag, or even buy a nice one. I was going to try using the free one we got from some formula company (I figured it couldn't hurt to have them send us free things, and if we don't use the formula, which I'm hoping we won't have to, maybe we can donate it to Wpg Harvest) so I guess I'll see how things go.

I do really wish we had a car. Adrian still hasn't heard back re: the write off amount since we've been too busy to call. It would be so awesome to be able to just go to the doctor's or get things from the store with Erik along, but in this weather it's obviously not desirable to walk or bus since he's just so small. So instead we have to depend on rides from family, which is fine, but probably a pain in the butt for them.

Also, I'm worried about Adrian because he's kind of trying to do everything. He wants to take care of both Erik and me, but he also has this deadline at work that he has to meet. So he's not really sleeping the best, and he's kind of stressed out. But hopefully things will work out (as they always do in the end anyway) and everything will get a little more even-keeled for him. I'm just pretty exhausted trying to breastfeed this little guy seeing as he's not always very cooperative. We've already had like 3 home visits from the public health system, which is a little exceptional I believe--usually it's max one visit unless there are problems (I guess we have problems even though his weight is going up about 30g per day, which is kind of the max they expect).

Anyhow, just some quick ramblings. I'm not sure I'm doing all that great a job so far, but everyone else seems to think I am ("maybe they're lying to make you feel better," suggests the little voice in the back of my head), so at least I'm putting on a decent show, I guess.


Not much time


I gave birth to Erik Sufjan Cheater on January 25, 2009 at 1942! He weighed 7lbs 14.7oz and was a lengthy 53cm (no wonder he kept trying to bust out the wrong way with his feet).

We went in on the 24th for an induction at 1600, couldn't do a standard induction because I was already contracting, got a cervical balloon thingy (ask me for details if you really care to know) inserted around 2200, got maybe 3 hours sleep overnight. The balloon came out around 1100, they put me on sintocinon (I forget the spelling and don't really care much) around 1200ish, which started working a little too well around 1500ish, when I was still only 3cm dilated and I had an epidural done after that. Then they checked me about an hour later and I was 9cm dilated (causing our nurse, who was awesome by the way, to make a bet that she would see the baby before the end of shift)... Really, it only took about 20 mins of pushing, a first degree tear followed by three sutures (internal mostly), and he was out and free!

And yes, I won the nurse her bet, since he was born at 1942 (shift ends technically at 1945 according to union rules).

We came home from the hospital the night before last and have been up to our eyebrows in trying to get settled. The hospital stay was hell for numerous reasons, but let's just say Erik was not taking to breastfeeding the best, and we ended up having to go through all sorts of rigamarole to feed him (he just doesn't want to work for it, because everything else is tickity boo, so we'll be changing things up today a bit).

Anyhow, must go to get some things done, but hello from all of us.

It's crazy, but it's getting to be a better kind of crazy...

Not very wordy today

But I figured I should say that I'm still here and no baby yet. Didn't make the cut today, either. I'm too damned healthy apparently--which I feel not the least badly about.

Went to try acupuncture today to start things going, as Adrian's mom figured it might help and offered to spring for it. Definitely a new and interesting experience. Apparently I am much more tolerant of having more stimulation with the needles than most people who end up screaming (whereas I just sit around and say things like "no, that side doesn't have as much pressure as the other"...). Does this bode well for a less painful labour? Who knows, apparently redheads rate pain in general higher than others, so we'll see.

Reno final walkthrough: check. We're both quite happy with the company we chose, and if you're looking at getting some work done, we definitely recommend them. The minor issues we had were all taken care of, they listened to our concerns, and they even gave us a giftcard to Babies R Us at the end of the project. I can pass along contact info, and if you mention we referred you, you'll get some preferential treatment and we might get a free dinner out!

Adrian is working on the basement. The insulating is going well so far, and he thinks things'll be looking very good for Monday's assessment barring baby incidents that suck up a lot of time.

Anyhow, back to arranging the nursery for me. The closet organizer is in, which makes my job a whole lot simpler.


The corolla is a write off. Adrian got a call saying that the first hit (much less the second) was over $5000 in damages. The second claim probably doesn't even matter. No word yet on what they're offering us in monetary compensation.

Sucks to be our corolla.

On the plus side, I guess I don't have to renew the autopac in February :P

Not on the list today

So I am still at home, and very unlikely to receive a call to get induced today or so I am told. That piddly 1cm is probably back to 0 by now :P

Adrian's mom has called to offer sending me for acupuncture to induce the labour, which I find somewhat tempting, but also vaguely disquieting. In any case, I would have to talk it over with Adrian. It's not that I don't believe in acupuncture--I just don't like the idea of it, though I'm sure it'd be fine in the end.

Yesterday we were able to get our bedroom moved back to its happy spot in the bedroom as opposed to the living room. The baby's things are also upstairs for the most part. Our family came over and helped us clean up the floors and install a closet organizer in our room, and generally move things about. I unfortunately kind of overdid it last night (I was hoping that the increased activity might bring on labour, though I wasn't really thinking it would happen) and now my feet are running me at likely about 50-70% of the knife-stabbing pains from the original little mermaid story as I walk on them. I need someone I can direct to do things for me now :)

In other exciting news, my parents are taking me to pick up the crib today from e-children and put it together and stick it in the room and I can fluff and arrange baby bedding to my heart's content. Likely from a chair, but whatever. Maybe tonight Adrian can put in the second closet organizer for the baby's room so I can sit and arrange things in there too. I would do it as it's fairly simple, but it would involve much standing which probably isn't the smartest at the moment given my dumbass feet. At the moment we basically have a few rubbermaid tubs with baby things in them but difficult to access as everything is piled on everything else.

It was heaven sleeping (when we finally got to sleep) in our new bedroom. I really like the colour and find it soothing (it's a light blue), and the window somehow seems bigger, and I'm so excited that we have a usable closet! So awesome! Also, having grounded power and plentiful outlets is like a god-send. The light fixture helps a little bit too, I think, though we saved the cheap one we picked up so we can use it elsewhere in the house--probably the dining room as it's still a bare bulb in there. It's funny how sometimes the small things add up into one big ball of awesome.

When I think about it, we could probably have a really awesome looking place, painted, etc., but Adrian and I are generally content to sink our time and pocketbooks into fixing the big things first, which sadly are a little unimpressive on viewing. This has led me to a new understanding of what kinds of living circumstances I can tolerate. Not all the time, mind you, as I do get jealous of other people's nice places and shiny decorating schemes, and sometimes I have a moment of oh-my-god-why-am-I-so-inept-and-lazy-with-this-house, but it is a nice house. And it's too expensive to do everything at once, so things just have to happen when we can fund them. I suspect this year will mostly be sweat equity in terms of house improvement as we have run through the credit to do this job--possibly more yardwork since I will actually be at home with the baby, though maybe not.

Anyhow, I think I've blathered enough for one day.

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