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Not Quite Done Yet...

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Currently a half-baked kitty in a broken oven.

I'm a nurse. Right now I do asthma education and work in an allergy clinic. Sometimes I also do medical and forensic exams for sexual assault survivors. I used to be in a pediatric emergency room for about 2.5 years. In the past I've worked in illustrious jobs such as reception, ticket sales, research assistant/editor, selling engineering professional development classes, and stocking bread.

I have a book review blog, Jumpdrives & Cantrips (see above), where I spend a little more time writing about various books and news.

I'm always up for good conversation, so feel free to friend me, drop a post, or send me an email. I generally don't randomly friend people because it seems like an imposition, but I will gladly reciprocate friending.

I'm also on facebook, much to my chagrin ;)