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Renos, etc.

I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the renos finally. The guys are hoping that as of Tuesday pretty much everything will be done and they'll be able to clear out at that point. There's still some insulating stuff to happen in the knee walls, but the vast majority of in-room work seems to be done. I just regret that we couldn't have had enough time or money to get the trim and doors refinished (much less the floors, it would've been ideal for that as well), as we're using the existing stuff. So I guess that will be a future series of projects, but whatever. So from December 7 to now... *sigh*

We also got a price adjustment on a closet organizer we picked up from Home Depot, since Canadian Tire had it at a better sale price this weekend than the sale price we originally got it at. I was so happy about it that we picked up a second one--we were originally just going to try it out in our room and see about what we might do with the baby's room after putting ours in, but the reduced price was too good to pass up since it's temporary and an extra 10% off the competitor's. So if anyone is curious about the Rubbermaid Configurations sets... we should be able to tell you how they work out in a week or two. If we don't like the set that much, we'll just return the second one.

The baby still can't decide what he wants to do. He'll drop, then pop up for a while and try to stretch out through my upper abdomen again. It gets better if I walk around, but I'm technically not supposed to be up and walking around while I'm at home. I almost don't care at this point though because he's bruising my innards and it damned well hurts. No one tells you how much it hurts to have someone inside you try to get out--everyone keeps telling me that no one ever told them about constipation or whatever other symptom of pregnancy, but I find it's really the baby trying to escape Alien-style that is the worst part for me. It hurts a freakin' lot, and at least if it was pain with contractions it'd have a purpose. This? Not so much.

But at least we're probably mostly decently adverbially equipped for the baby's arrival. While the crib isn't here, there is one waiting to be picked up once the nursery can hold it. And we have most of the essential items. I still don't really have a nice new chair to sit and feed the baby in, but perhaps I can fiddle around with one of the existing chairs and make it more comfortable through judicious use of pillows or something. I managed to wash pretty much all the baby clothes and blankets, etc. that we have, so that's all ready, and other than a few small things to pick up I think that's about all I can do until I can get into the upstairs rooms.

The basement is coming along, more than halfway framed now. Adrian's hoping to finish framing and getting the electrical done by the end of tomorrow so we can get the inspectors in on Monday. We'll have to pick up another Home Depot gift card from Safeway (I figure that way we can use the 100 airmile coupon and get additional airmiles) before the day is out, since we'll still need to buy all the wiring supplies for that part of the project--which I might even be able to help with since it's not lifting and hefting etc.

Anyhow, I'm going to stop blathering now.


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Jan. 19th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
I was lucky, I think that Hana and Sara both were outside my ribcage (and if you look at pictures, they were waaaaay out front there). My sister and friend both had pain from little feet kicking their ribs.

Happy Due Date Day! ;)

I also have a bouncy chair if you want to borrow it. I can't use it any more, and it'll work in a few weeks for you (once little boy xxxxx can hold his head up). It's nice and small and light, so it's good to have to move around the house with you. I used it a lot in the bathroom while showering! :)
Jan. 19th, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) It feels a little to me like things might start to move along in the next couple days, but who can say for sure? I've had a couple contractions on and off today.

It's never really been the ribcage per se for me though, he just seems to like feet in the general direction of my liver and stretching directly up in the same area (sore!)

The bouncy chair would definitely get put to use I suspect. If you still have a bathtub available for borrowing, that would help us out as well, but no worries if not :)
Jan. 20th, 2009 06:44 pm (UTC)
Absolutely, you can have the bathtub and bouncy chair to borrow. The bouncy chair cover is a bit ripped (it has survived 2 kids!) so I'll sew it up before you get it. The bathtub you can have now.

Maybe Adrian could pick it up one of these days so you have it? You'll need it sooner than the bouncy chair. Just tell him to give me a call and I'll have it ready for him to pick up before he heads home.
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