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July 1st, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Seems like forever when last I wrote anything on here.

Erik is happily growing in leaps and bounds. He's practically in the 12 month sizes and he's barely 5 months old. He's creeping along and working his way up to crawling, or possibly standing (he will do this hilarious baby version of downward dog and then promptly faceplant), and laughing along with other people. Feeding him is much easier, though he's still waking about the same amount through the night for feedings (about every 2-4 hours, with the occasional 6 hour stretch), but will promptly go back to bed after a munch and a change. He loves playing peekaboo and having any song sung to him (The More We Get Together and Head & Shoulders are particular favs, but he seems to like Joan Osborne and Peter Gabriel quite a bit, not to mention playing Rockband with us). And he is becoming a bouncer now that we've reintroduced the Jolly Jumper after a bit of an absence.

I've been going garage-saling, hanging out at various libraries, and watching TV (we gave in and got MTS TV in lieu of the Movie Village all-you-can-rent subscription). While I'm itching to start writing again, I just haven't found a great way to fit it in yet. The guys are sleeping, and that's the only way I had a chance to write this! Laundry is calling... but we're all just chilling today and trying to avoid the craziness of Canada Day while enjoying the chance to relax a bit.

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