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July 15th, 2009

Make your mind up, brain...

I say this because we've been so busy as of late that last week's break from going out was a massive anomaly (and even then we were out at least a couple nights of the week). While busy is nice for me in terms of out-of-the-house interactions, it's hard on Erik who doesn't really feed or sleep with distractions around, and who likes a pattern to his days at least if not a routine per se. So in many ways I'm a little torn on going out/staying in. Not having a car makes it so much easier to stay in also.

In any case, I've been doing the 30-day challenge on EA Active (wii)... While I'm overall pretty pleased with it, I have to say that I'm disappointed that there aren't more core exercises and that the lower body routines are so heavily reliant on lunges. Lunges really pain me what with that knee thing I'm still dealing with, but so far it hasn't been terrible, and if I feel achy I just have to stop going as deep into them. But the program actually makes me sweat, which is more than I can say for wii Fit (which at least does some core exercises and flexibility). The routines themselves are nice and short, between 20-30 mins on average, so I can do them while Erik is in his jolly jumper for a bit. I suspect I'll have to move up to a stronger resistance band shortly as the one that comes with the game is pretty wussy, though it's been ok in terms of easing in my smaller upper body muscles--granted, it's almost completely useless for lats. I just wish there was a little more variety... But then I am a bit of a variety nut in some ways.

I haven't been losing mounds of weight, but I'm down to the high 140s. It's still going up and down a bit what with the breastfeeding, and I'm not really restricting my diet either because I need the extra calories for feeding. So that leaves about 15 pounds left to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. However, given the exercise restrictions I had during the pregnancy, I suspect I will still need to build up a fair amount of muscle I've lost. I'm not really certain how that will change things, but I really hope I can get back into my old clothes. I don't really think I can afford a whole new wardrobe!

Erik is on the cusp of crawling now, though he's pretty speedy at just pulling himself around on his tummy. He's definitely sitting up, and even doing a partial lounge much of the time. He also has this really crazy cute old-man face where it looks like he has no teeth (not that he does I guess, it just looks like he's you know... old and toothless instead of young and toothless). Tomorrow he gets the third round of immunizations, and it won't be long before we can start him on solid foods; a matter of weeks, really. I'm getting antsy about daycares, seeing as many won't even return my calls regarding waiting lists. Any suggestions would be lovely from those in the know...

But it's getting late and I should go deal with laundry while I still can...


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